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Our patented pull-up loop technology makes it easy for kids to pull up their socks and underwear easily every time.

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 For every purchase on we will donate a pair of Ez Sox to a child in need.

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As a parent you'll do whatever it takes to help your children learn. My son struggled to get dress in the morning. Find out how we met and defeated those challenges.

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For every purchase on we will donate one pair of Ez Sox.


Sanity savers for the mom dealing with a toddler who wants to do things themselves. 

My toddler son began having tantrums over wanting to do things himself. Then, he'd have a subsequent tantrum over being unable to do whatever it was he was trying to do on his own. Putting on socks in the morning was a nightmare. Then, I found these socks with loops. Generally, he's been able to put on socks all by himself now. It's saving my sanity and giving him confidence in his abilities. These are smile-makers!

J. Boyter

As a mother of a toddler, I know how hard it is to get your Children to WANT to wear socks….And WANT to put them on by themselves…

I will say I have never seen my child more excited to wear socks then he was to wear these!  He just loved the fact that they were Animals… And that they were so easy for him to put on by himself.  He gets mad when they are in the wash – because he cant choose them for the socks of the day.  One thing that I have noticed is since he has received the EZ Sox, he has more confidence when it comes to putting his own socks on. The loops on the the side are quite durable – because being a boy, he had yet to pull the loops apart from the sock.

Amy B.

Easily upset by uncomfortable clothing

My four year old boy is very particular about clothing he can wear, and is easily upset by uncomfortable clothing.  Socks are more difficult to find that don't cause him great distress. The seam at the toe of most socks drives him crazy, and he complains and cries all day about his socks not being on right. Wearing shoes without socks causes him even greater discomfort, so we've just been dealing with the constant complaining - I've been thinking to myself that surely there are socks out there that fit him and don't have bulky toe seams.
I have finally found them! These socks have no seam at the toe, and my son no longer complains about his socks being uncomfortable. In fact, he looks forward to putting his socks on every morning and likes to show off the monster and animal designs to anyone who will listen. The little handles on the sides help him to do this by himself, so that is an added bonus. From the moment we opened the package, he was excited about these and immediately knew how to put them on.


Perfect socks for kids who need help!

Seriously love these socks!! My son is 7 now. He has autism and receives OT and PT along with other services. But the pulls on the sides of the socks are genius! We’ve used these for a couple years now. 

Twins plus

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