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Magical Mermaids

What little girl doesn't love mermaids! Our new Ez Sox mermaids have been such a smash, that we now have so many requests for Ez Undeez Mermaid Training Pants! They'll be swimming here via Atlantis this January 2018. They will be paired with our Princess Fairy Toddler Training Pants.

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We love this beautiful Mermaid story written by 13 year old Molly Price.
"Chi, Ryuu! Wait for me!" I swim as fast as I can trying to keep up with my friends, but they're just too far ahead.

"Come on, there's not gonna be any squid left for us!" Chisana yells over her shoulder. "I'm starving!"

 "It really wasn't the best idea to go all the way out there, Tsu. We were pretty lost." Ryuu says in monotone once I've caught up.

 "I know, I know. I'm sorry. I just heard there was a new pod that settled in the area and wanted to check it out." I whimper.

 Chisana spins around, her mint green tail a bright contrast to the dull colored kelp forest around us. Her almond shaped eyes soften and she smiles at me. "Tsuki, it's okay. Seriously, what are friends for?"

 "At least Sora was smart enough not to come with us. She's probably with Xander right now." I wiggle my eyebrows at Ryuu, who goes bright red and turns away.

 "Yeah, yeah. Let's get back and eat. It's been a long day and I'm hungry." The fawn haired girl pouts.

 "Race you back!"

 "Hey, no fair!"

 "Tsuki, get back here!"

 I laugh hysterically and swish my tail as hard as I can, darting through the kelp. Ryuu and Chisana are far behind me, calling me out on my cheating. My brown curls flow behind me, rippling with the water. I look over my shoulder at my friends and their determined faces. All of a sudden though, they slam on the brakes and look up, horrified.

 "Tsu...don't move," Chisana breathes.

 "What?" Then, I hear it. An excruciatingly loud creaking sound. I rush to cover my ears before they split open. While I scramble my arms around, I hit something rough behind me. "Oh."

 I whip around to be met with a humongous fishing net. A gasp escapes me and I try to swerve around the ropes. Instead, I end up getting tangled in the kelp, and the net scoops me up.

 "Tsuki! We'll go get help!" Ryuu yells, and disappears along with Chisana.

 "No, no, no..." I mutter to myself. I need to think of something. A lightbulb goes off in my head, and I bite down on the thick twine. I try to saw the material with my teeth, but nothing happens. I panic and start to thrash around in the containment, wrapping my deep violet tail up in the process. The net starts to be hauled to the surface, and the rope digs into my tail, drawing small cuts and blood.

 I hiss in pain as the rope squeezes my tail more, and try to pull it off. That doesn't work, either. By now, I'm almost at the surface, so I try thrashing around one last time. Still, nothing works. By this time, I'm laying on my stomach with my tail flipped over my head and my hair covering one eye. I sigh in defeat, facing the reality that I'm going to be experimented on. I've doomed my whole species.

 I cover my eyes in a lame attempt to shelter myself from all the humans who are probably going to be on deck. I'm sorry everyone. I've killed you all.

 Just after that thought, my mind goes blank and I break the surface. Instantly, I'm overwhelmed with the sound of seagulls and the wind slowly drying my skin. I'm hauled up a bit more, then swiftly dropped. Just skimming the water, I'm hastily pulled back up and stopped. I keep my eyes covered, my whole body shaking. There's only silence.

 After what feels like a lifetime, I slowly move my hands away and squint though the sunlight. The boat is completely empty. Except for a young man.

 He's holding the rope that's holding me up with two hands, his chocolate brown eyes bulging out of his head. His messy black locks swoop over his forehead, and a small silver hair piece catches my eye. From what I've seen by observing other sailors, he's a low ranking crew member. The young man stutters for a few seconds, then speaks a mile a minute in a language I don't know. He quickly realizes that I don't understand him, and tries hand gestures.

 I shake my head and give up on this sailor; he's obviously not going to help me any time soon. I try biting the net again, but just end up with aching gums. Immediately, he gets my message and holds up his index finger before running off through a door on the end of the deck. He returns half a minute later with a pocket knife.

 I feel my eyes widen in fear and attempt to squirm backwards out of the net. He pauses before bringing the blade any closer to me, and gives me a reassuring smile. The young man drops the knife and gestures in a calming motion. He reaches out to me and I freeze, staring him dead in the eyes. Continuing to reach out over the side of the boat, the black haired sailor keeps eye contact with me, not blinking once. Before I know it, he's touching my tail, patting me softly with a rough hand.

 He tries again, picking up the knife and slowly bringing it toward me. I squeeze my eyes shut and hope for the best. All of a sudden, I hear a snap and my tail feels free. My eyes open to see my savior cutting the rest of the ropes I'm tangled in. He cuts three more and I'm able to go. A grin stretches across my face and I grab onto the net. I'm about to push off when I look at the young man again.

 My smile fades into a focused frown as I examine him and notice a leather bracelet that I'd missed before. He must only be a bit younger than twenty; around my age. He looks confused, then points to the ocean. Sometimes, I really wish I knew other languages. As a silent thank you, I pull a violet and silver scale from my torso and hand it to him. Again, the young man stutters uncontrollably, but takes the shimmering scale anyway. Mesmerized, he turns it over, and turns it again watching the colors change in the sunlight.

 I meet his eyes one last time before diving headfirst into the water and swimming under the boat. My eyes just show over the water and I gaze up at the sailor, who leans over the side of the ship, scanning the ocean. A burly man in a red jacket emerges from the inside the ship, checks the deck, and notices the ripped net. He storms over to my rescuer and yells, pointing to the now useless fishing tool. I catch something that sounds similar to shark in my language, but that's all I can understand. I watch him slip my scale into his pocket and smile to myself, wondering if he'll actually keep it.

 Saying my mental goodbyes, I slink under the water to look for my friends.

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