Seems like just last week your baby was in diapers. Oh wait, it was just last week! You finally have your little ready to start potty training and join the ranks of the big kids. Well, naturally, they will need the big kids underwear to go with it! These training pants are comfortable pull-ups and a great transition pair of undies. They feature Ez Undeez technology, which have embroidered oval handles on a super-soft wide waistband that allows your little one to pull up their underwear straight each and every time. And with matching socks, with its patented loop technology, they'll be dressing themselves.  Your little one (and you) will be so proud!

Monsters Boy Boxers
Monsters Boy Boxers Regular price $15
Monkey & Lion Boxers
Monkey & Lion Boxers Regular price $15
Robots Padded Underwear
Robots Padded Underwear Regular price $15
Aliens Padded Underwear
Aliens Padded Underwear Regular price $15
Kitty & Mouse Girls Briefs
Kitty & Mouse Girls Briefs Regular price $15
Ladybug & Butterfly Girls Briefs
Ladybug & Butterfly Girls Briefs Regular price $15