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New Ez Undeez Padded Training Underwear Collection

We’ve been working hard creating and designing our latest collections and we’re feeling so exhilarated, we just had to give you a little sneak peek!

Our Back To School Fall ’17 assortment is an exciting collection of new Ez Undeez padded training pants that will have your toddler smiling from ear to ear.

This underwear collection was created from our inspiration from our Ez Sox kids socks designs and trending themes in the children's fashion world. You may already be familiar with our Monkey/ Lion & Monster boys boxers and Robot & Alien padded training underwear. Now, we decided to expand our lines with added designs to really make our assortments diversified, with more great products to choose from.

Overall, we’ve taken our core Ez Sox products and infused our Ez Undeez designs with a lot more of our fun characters, while still getting the benefit of our patented Ez Undeez embroidered handle technology. Of course, our super soft wide waistband and comfort fit ensures each item is full of the Ez Sox spirit!

Your little boy will love his police & racing car training pants and your angel will feel like a big girl in her adorable butterfly underwear, while feeling comfortable in case any small accidents occur. Talking about a crowd pleaser, what child would not want to put on a pair of our Penguin & Frog Ez Undeez!

We cannot wait for your little one to try our new products! Take a peak, get excited and make sure you’re on our email list so you can be the first one to grab a few! By the way, sign up now and get 20% OFF your purchase at Comment below and let us know your thoughts on Ez Sox & Ez Undeez products!


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