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Aliens & Robots
Aliens & Robots
Aliens & Robots

Aliens & Robots

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Briefs, Toddler Training Pants
(2 Pack) Aliens & Robots

Ez Undeez training pants are made with ‘Ez Technology’, embroidered oval handles that are sewn into our soft wide waist band. This unique patented feature allows your child to pull up his or her underwear easily and straight each and every time.

Our toddler training underwear are made with a breathable natural absorbent layer that helps with small accidents as your toddler learns to potty train.

Aliens: Navy, Grey trim 
Robots: White, Orange trim

  • Breathable absorbent padded layer helps with small accidents
  • Naturally absorbent, NO gels or harsh chemicals
  • Pull up handles • Soft wide waist band • Tag-free
  • 95% Cotton • 5% Spandex
  • Be sure to check out our matching socks


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